Freaked out about hearing


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I just got hearing aids two days ago. Honestly, I thought the world would just be a louder version of what I was used to. But I was so wrong...

I'm hearing things I've never heard before, and it is seriously weirding me out. My family wants me to wear my hearing aids all the time (minus sleep and water-related stuffs) but I'm hesitant.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you deal with it? I'm trying to tough it out, but it's so...wrong, somehow...

Help plis?


That is common, and you just got your hearing aids. Give it some time. When I got new digital hearings a transition from analog it took me a long time to get use to it. I was really surprised hearing the loud drip of water in the kitchen facet, the loud tingling and jangling of car keys and weird noises from airplanes and birds. But now I am so use it. Try your volume a little bit lower so it's not too loud if that's the issue. Then just try to identify the sounds each time you hear it maybe have someone tell you what is that sound so you can relearn the new sounds. You can always take a break turning it off, lowering the volume if you're outdoors and its overwhelming, or turning one hearing aid off (if you have two hearing aids) , but keeping it on most of the time will help you get use to it. Talk to your audiologist he/she might help you with this issue and maybe give you suggestions on how to handle it. Maybe your audiologist can change how it sounds as it is digitally program to your specific needs you could get some sounds quieter or louder.

Try listening or watching your favorite movie at home and maybe that can help you get use to it as it's something fimalar. Just an idea.
Good luck you can do it! :)


The more you use your hearing aids, the faster your brain will learn how to interpret the sound. It will just be a longer and more frustrating process if you stop wearing them consistently. Take notes on what you like and don’t like about the sound and the hearing aids, and bring them to your audiologist who can use that as feedback when adjusting the hearing aids.


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The only way I found to do it was to wear them and get very familiar with them so that you depend on them. Then you realize that they are so very helpful.
If you just got them 2 days ago, I would recommend going back to your audiologist in a week or so and make some small adjustments based on your feedback. If certain things are giving you headaches or wind sound is really bothering you, they can make some adjustments.

Then wear them every day until you are used to it. It takes time... I was probably about 3 months in and I reached a point where I could not stand NOT wearing them. It turned into a feeling like I was missing so much when I didn't put them on.