Football star, wife, 4 kids died in car accident.


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Ex-Alabama Star Involved in Fatal Accident
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Posted: 2007-11-21 07:29:15
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DOTHAN, Ala. (Nov. 20) - A van driven by former University of Alabama football star Siran Stacy was struck by a pickup at an intersection and six people were killed, including Stacy's wife and four of his children, state troopers said Tuesday.

Ex-Alabama Star Involved in Fatal Accident - AOL Sports

Photo Gallery: Stacy's Tragic Crash
Ricky Stokes, AP Officials look through the wreckage of a crash after a van driven by former University of Alabama football star Siran Stacy was struck by a pickup truck at an intersection, killing six people, including Stacy's wife and four of his children.

The driver of the second vehicle also was killed, said Dorris Teague, a spokeswoman for the state troopers.

Stacy, 39, a star running back for Alabama during 1989-91, was listed in stable condition in surgical intensive care at Flowers Hospital in Dothan. He was the first pick of the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1992 draft, but never carried the ball in the NFL.

State trooper Sgt. Tracy Nelson said the pickup was on the wrong side of the road when it struck Stacy's van on the passenger side late Monday at an intersection on U.S. 84 about six miles west of Dothan.

"He hit them broadside, T-boned them at the intersection there," said Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd.

"I've never had anything like that in my life and I've been doing this for 20 years," Byrd said. "The truck that hit the car was on the passenger side and the impact was substantial."

Stacy's 3-year-old daughter, Shelly, was taken to Children's Hospital in Birmingham, which did not release her condition.

Byrd identified the victims as Stacy's wife, Ellen Stacy, 36; children Lequisa, 18, Bronson, 10, Sidney, 8, and Ellie, 2, all of Newton in southeast Alabama; and pickup driver Adam W. Wayman, 29, of Dothan.

his wife Ellen pic below



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Alcohol likely factor in crash killing six

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007 - 09:00 AM Updated: 10:01 AM

Alcohol likely factor in crash killing six - local_news | The Dothan Eagle

A Wicksburg resident compared an intersection near his home to that of a war zone after local authorities wheeled out body after body on medical gurneys late Monday night.

Fred Simpson, an employee of Teaser’s, was standing in the nearby nightclub’s lobby when a wreck happened, killing six people a short distance away.

Simpson said from inside the accident sounded like a loud pop. Images of emergency workers pulling Siran Stacy's five children from the wreckage will remain with him, he said as he recalled the accident Tuesday.

“It looked like a grenade went off in the van, the impact was so hard,” Simpson said. “Yeah, it got to me. It’s really not what you like to see, but it happens.”

The two-vehicle accident happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 84 and Highway 123 in Wicksburg around 11 p.m. Monday.

Robert Byrd, the Houston County coroner, called the accident “horrific,” and one of the worst in his more than 20 years as a coroner.

Byrd said 39-year-old Siren Stacy was likely driving his family to their Newton home when a 1999 Ford truck struck the 2007 Honda van he was driving, killing his wife, and four children.

Siran Stacy and Shelly Stacy, 4, survived the crash. Shelly was taken to Flowers Hospital after the crash, and later airlifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham. She was listed in serious condition Tuesday morning, but family members requested her condition not be released Tuesday evening. Siran Stacy was at Flowers Hospital in guarded condition Tuesday evening.

Adam W. Wayman, 29, of Dothan, died several hours after the accident at Flowers Hospital after he drove his 1999 Ford pickup truck into the passenger side of the Stacy family van, Byrd said.


Those killed in the Monday night crash are:

Ellen Stacy, 26. Died at the scene.
Lequisa Stacy, 18. Died at the scene.
Sidney Stacy, 8. Died at the scene.
Bronson Stacy, 10. Died at the scene.
Ellie Stacy, 2. Died at the scene
Adam W. Wayman, 29. Died 4 a.m. Tuesday at Flowers Hospital

Siran Stacy, 39. Guarded condition at Flowers Hospital
Shelly Stacy, 4. Flown to Children's Hospital in Birmingham


“He T-boned them on the passenger side door as he was heading west in the eastbound lane,” Byrd said. “It’s one of the worst, if not the worst calls I’ve had to go on. It’s the number of fatalities for one, and never have I ever had that many at one time. Number two so many of them were children. When I got there they were still removing the roof of the car and it was just awful.”

Vickie Smith, who taught Sidney Stacy music, said she had a part singing in the Christmas play on Dec. 2 at Hartford Baptist Church. Sidney Stacy attended Geneva County Elementary School.

“She was real energetic, and always willing to take part. We’re going to really miss her,” Smith said. “She had a beautiful voice, and she loved to dance.”

Lequisa Stacy would’ve celebrated her 19th birthday on Tuesday.

Smith said Lequisa, who had graduated from Geneva County High School, was very athletic and played softball at Geneva County High School.

“My daughter cheered with her year before last as a varsity cheerleader,” Smith said.

Alcohol related

Alabama State Highway Patrol investigators say alcohol was likely a factor in the accident, “in the case of Mr. Wayman,” Sgt. Tracy Nelson said.

“We’ve got to still get toxicology reports and our investigators at the scene say it may be a factor,” Nelson said. “But until we get all the facts we can’t say for sure that it was a factor.”

Nelson said investigators have not determined how fast Wayman was traveling when he crashed into the Stacy family minivan, only that it was at a “high rate of speed.” He said only the children were wearing seatbelts in the accident.

Nelson said several witnesses called law enforcement to tell them Wayman had been traveling in the wrong direction on the highway.

Billy Smith, 31, of Dothan, said he called 911 near the intersection of Bay Springs Road and U.S. 84 after he said a man driving a pickup truck tried to run him off the road. Smith was driving his Chevrolet Blazer east when he saw the truck traveling west toward him in his lane.

“I went to the shoulder, and he followed me to the shoulder,” Smith said. “Whenever he got close I floored it, went into a ditch on the side of the U.S. 84 and into a fence.”

Smith, who was returning from work at Fort Rucker, said he did not think it was an accident that the same pickup truck later struck a minivan.

“I feel like I escaped, he was trying to hit me,” Smith said. “I’ve encountered cars going the wrong way on 84 before, and I’ve just got over to the side, but this time was different because the guy headed straight toward me. The guy had a death wish, he swerved over to get in my path.”


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Siran Stacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1992 NFL Draft with their first pick (48th pick overall, in the second round). He never had any official rushes or yards in the NFL. This was the last time (through 2007) the Eagles selected a running back with their first draft pick.

Stacy was released from the Eagles after one year. He tried out for the Cleveland Browns, but was arrested for theft at a K-Mart, which was pleaded down to disorderly conduct. His off-the-field troubles kept him off the field. He has been arrested several times, mostly for restraining order violations. Previous arrests include one in Geneva, Alabama 2004 for domestic abuse and restraining order violations, and an arrest in Opp, Alabama, in 1998 for domestic violence and criminal assault. In 2004, he was arrested in Louisiana for felony theft. He was in an automobile accident in September 2006 which resulted in the death of two elderly people. Stacy was not charged with any fault in the accident.

After several years of acting with less than perfect behavior, Stacy began living a life based on Christian values. Siran, wife Ellen, and children were regular church attendees and frequently traveled from the Dothan area to the Destin, FL area to attend worship services and to fellowship. The family was baptized together at Henderson State Park beach.


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So sad to hear that his wife and 4 of their children died in the crashed :( ....


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He lost his whole family? :eek3: That is a terrible terrible tragedy and one that is avoidable. Poor guy..I dont know how he will survive this emotionally.