FM Systems vs External Microphones such as Roger devices

I see reference to FM systems here, which apparently are mics which transmit via FM directly to an HA. What's the difference between these and various external Mic accessories like the Phonak Roger remote Mic, Table Mic, etc? Or are the Phonak Roger accessories just FM systems with specific branding?
Phonak's site describes the Roger products and what they do, but that doesn't really explain the distinction between them and what people refer to as FM transmitters and mics, which seem to do the same thing. I can't tell the the Roger devices are simply phonak specific FM devices, or something different. And if they're different, which is superior?

Jane B.

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Here is just one of the low power FM systems that are used for this. I know nothing about this particular seller of Williams brand products but did find it to have a good description and photo.

Several of the churches where I live, including the one I attend, have one of the much earlier systems made by Williams. I have worn hearing aids that include T-coils for many years and have purchased my own neck loop as the basic systems that are installed around here just came with ear buds. I have used my neck loop with other brands of FM systems as well.


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I’ve had various Phonak FM systems since I was at school. By far the best is the Phonak Roger System. It’s so much clearer and there’s no interference.

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