florida deaf community?


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Tousi, or ? ;) ... I'm not visiting, but will stay here for a while. That door to Norway is closed forever. The last time I have been to that school was a sport tournament between my school and that school in '97 or so. I haven't run into the aftementioned person yet. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's medical issue, but the beaches are wonderful here!


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NEDPHH in Saint Ausgust, FL

DPHH on May 17th Scarlett O'Haras

Hello everyone, here is the detail of May 17th. Please bring your friends too!! see ya there. 25th person will recieve one free pitcher!!!

When: May 17th
Time: 7pm to 1am
Where: Scarlett O'Haras
Address: 70 Hypolita St.
St. Augustine, FL 32080
Phone: 904-824-6535
Website: Scarlett O'Hara's Bar and Restaurant - Best Cooking in Town and Great Drinks!

Must be over 18 (only college students, no high school students)

They have food menu, beer, wine, hard liquer, and live music. And they have Oyster Bar, Ghost Bar, 5 foot screen tv you can watch any favorite sports!!!


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Northeast Florida Assoc for the Deaf in Saint Augustine

NEFAD Proudly Host a Financial Workshop

Given by: Kramer Financial

Presenters: Lee Kramer & Dave Frank


When: Friday, May 9, 2008

Time: 7 p.m.


Who: Group of people (young, single, married, parents - ages 21-45 years old)

Topics: Better options for investment including retirements, improve saving methods and stocks


When: Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time: 12 noon


Who: Group of people (single, married, parents - ages 45+ years old, retirees)

Topics: Better options for investment planning ~ strategies to make money last and not outlive one’s assets

**FLYER attachment (PDF)**

Participants: MUST sign up

Seating: Limited

R.S.V.P. EMAIL On or Before April 25, 2008 to Jenni@nefad.org


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I am new to this site but belong to ALDA Suncoast, they have meetings down in Seminole and activites, also browse Deaf Services, also belong to Hearing Loss Association of America, mainly to get their magazine. Starbucks has deaf coffee nights everywhere so just goggle "Starbuck Deaf Coffee".. I like ALDA although I do not go to their new meeting place because of the distance from where I live and work concerns. However, ALDA has a once a month Sunday dinner at Perkins in Clearwater, deaf coffee nights at Starbucks, monthly birthday lunches etc. Depends on whether you work or not...I do and cannot go to everything but have met some pretty great people. Also the llibrary at Safety Harbor and Palm Harbor have sign classes weekly and my friend from ALDA gives a sign class near me. I live in New Port Richey.

And yes, this area is full of deaf and HOH people, more than you could possibley imagine.


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I would love to make friends to be able to practice my VERY novice signing with. I live in deerfield beach, close to Boca Raton. I have heard of a meetup that takes place in miami but with gas prices, i cant always make the hour drive....any sugestions? :wave:


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A friend told me today that a lot of deafies attending the Wet n Wild for the Deaf Awareness Day today... real hot and steamy here today... 94 high but duh how it's there in Orlando yet. I decided not to attend this time.


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change of location...

e and the wife are thinking of moving to tampa in september. we have family there and theres a school that offers interpreting prog. We are looking for an apt to rent and what area to settle down in, any suggestions?? :hmm:


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e and the wife are thinking of moving to tampa in september. we have family there and theres a school that offers interpreting prog. We are looking for an apt to rent and what area to settle down in, any suggestions?? :hmm:
I don't know much with the Tampa area - only little but maybe suggest you to start with the deafies who live in that area especially the SPCC (St. Petersburg Community College) where there are some deaf students.

Hope that any AD member from Tampa Bay area could come and help you out... or try the Google yourself (deaf, tampa into search box) at deaf, tampa - Google Search

Welcome to Florida in case if you guys decide to move there. Good luck!


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rent.com / apartmentfinder.com
Publix and Winn Dixie stores in Fla have free apartment listings booklets.


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Hello Floridians,

Anyone of you happen to live in Ft. Myers ? I just moved in that area from Alaska. :lol:

Would love to meet some of you if there's a chance. :D


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fsd isnt all that great. every year they just add more rules making it more of a prison and such. i was lucky to get out when i did last year. unless you're gonna break some rules and be a rebel like i was then you're just gonna live in seclusion and boredom.

florida doesnt have anything cool that i know of... if anyone knows anything around orlando area hit it up, ill def come and chill

I would agree with that part about rules and all that. I was there for 7th grade for 2 months, then tried again for 8th grade and made it one whole year there, then after that.. Never again. I went to Mainland High School and mainstream with interpreter and it all went well.

By the way I have live in Daytona Beach all my life and pretty much there are lot deaf people, but they are HIDING. :giggle::laugh2: