Finally RETIRED!!!


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My heart is sad for BOB BAKER and will say FALWELL to him for his retirement to leave his job. WHIMP WHIMP crying crying.. I have been watching his showtime for some years and really loved this show! I wish I could be there to play at the Price is Rights and meet with Bob Baker!
:bowdown: BOB BAKER, The leader of The Price is Right for 35 years! :applause:


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I heard about him retiring from the Price is Right didn't think it was so soon. I did remember seeing him on tv as a kid bec my grandmother watched the show and still does :giggle:
Farewell Mr. Barker!


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OH wow 35 yrs ? I watch that tv show rare not always, when I was young that my 2nd sister and my mom always watch that show all the times and still now? no they dont watch anymore dunno why probably they are so busy havent time to watch lol :lol: haha

Farewell Bob :) :wave:


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The last show airs next Friday at 10:00 am on CBS. I'll have to work so I will be taping it.


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oh yeah

Bob Barker will retires on his 35 years of his show

i do watch his show when i was young but im not watch his show for longtimes but he very nice man.

i never been playing games on lives but i do like watch tv


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wow i never thought he would ever retire.. finally he will! about time! lol.. 35 yrs thats pretty LONG time... I wonder if since he will be retiring.. will the show goes on.. or it will stop or replace the host??? hmmm.. thats something to ponder on...

Farewell to Bob..


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Is somebody else going to continue his show? If so, whom would it be taking over his place?

I want to watch the last show with Barker in it.


Awww! I know! Im gonna miss him alot! I love him
alot! I always watch that show and it is gonna be
sooo strange without him, no matter what!

Im curious who will be his replacement but it wont
be the same without him....:(


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i agree with you, brian.. it wont be the same without bob... new replacements thats gonna feel weird...