Finally did book is published!


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This would be the first I'm hearing of Weeping Willow. I will check it out one of these days. :)

I do respect you for recognizing your boundaries...if you cannot handle it, you can only protect yourself by choosing not to read. :) It's all good!!! (((Lighthouse)))

Hugs to you too...


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Okay everyone -

I really should address this letter differently.

For example: To those who have been BEGGING to read my books for years:

Well, here's your chance! I proudly present to you all, "Facade." Enclosed within this message are two links - both containing the full version of the novel.

You choose the copy type you wish to have, as it is available as an e-book or in paperback.

I know that the paperback edition is a little bit on the expensive side - that is, if you consider $22.50 to be costly. However, it is self-published and when you keep in mind the years and years worth of work, revisions, rewrites and edits, it seems to be a fair enough price in my mind's eye. Plus, you'll have a book that I created entirely on my own - not too bad a deal, eh? :) I should also mention that you would be helping me out greatly and supporting me as I receive a commission on all book sales.

The $22.50 price does not include shipping costs for the paperback.

Here is the link: Facade by Stacy Canter in Literature & Fiction

E-books, of course, have no shipping fees. You would download the finished book from for $7.99. It is a one-time download and there are no refunds.

Link to E-book: Facade by Stacy Canter in Literature & Fiction

It is recommended that you join to be able to place orders. Membership is completely free. ;)

I would like to thank you in advance - it has always been my dream to do something like this and although I have decided to go the self-publishing route in this case, I do hope that this proves to be a foot in the door when it comes to the "big" leagues. It is an extremely competitive market and we all have to start somewhere!

Thank you and happy reading!!! Happy New Year!
One of the first book I read when I was a teen that is somewhat similar to yours is called "Weeping Willow" I loved it because it did remind me of home. I didn't love it because I couldn't handle the emotional part. There was another book that my mother kept in the basement that was very graphic , but I couldn't remember the name of it. but it had a picture of a girl sitting on a bench in a corner (if I remember it correctly) That's how I know I can't handle it.
I have read Facade when it was still in it's manuscript form and I must say it is very, very graphic. Because of this, readers should proceed with caution if certain material upsets them. I also would encourage those in therapy to discuss this book with their therapists. Please protect yourselves.

Facade is NOT for the faint of heart!


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Did you use a typewriter, Malfoyish? I cannot use the computer keyboard for my projects, lol. It HAS to be my trusty Smith-Corona. (Yeah, I know it is an antique, but heck, to each his own, right?) :lol:

LMAO...nope, I stuck to the trusty word processor for a project of this magnitude. ;) I don't think I could have done all of this on a typewriter, to be honest with ya! LOL.

As for your question, xsuperchick, you can probably order it from anywhere in the world through the website it is posted on; it is the shipping that would be different dependent on where you order from. However, if you need help or want to make arrangements for me to get it for you and ship it to you, that works too. :)



Congrats! I hope that your book is based on your research and not on your personal experiences. Either way I wish you all the best!!


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Am delighted you have a book published at last! I put in an order for one last Friday! I don't think I should let my mother read it, don't ya? :)

By the way, congrats! Best luck with more writing projects.


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Am delighted you have a book published at last! I put in an order for one last Friday! I don't think I should let my mother read it, don't ya? :)

By the way, congrats! Best luck with more writing projects.
Heehee...Oh, Miss D - that's awesome. If your mum would like to read, I think that would be terrific. I let my mom order one, too...LOL. I didn't tell her a THING though...I think she'll be in for a big surprise but if needed, I can always improvise on what I tell her...LOL.



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Malfoyish, I thought your first novel was going to be titled { BBNT, the greatest ever} :(


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Just an update on my book!

I've made a few revisions. I received a copy the other day and wanted to let make some improvements to the print, the chapters and the layout. The book is the same; there were no changes made to it other than the addition of more pages as the fonts/text is now bigger.

The price is the same, too!

Here's the link:

Facade by Stacy Canter in Literature & Fiction