Esprit 3G signal transmission issue


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Hi, i have a problem with my Esprit 3G. It has stopped working while i was walking, it shut down suddenly. After doing several checks:
-My cochlear implant: OK
-Cable and coil: OK (checked with the Esprit 3g for the other ear)
-Microphone: OK (did the earphone check with other person)

So i guess the problem is that the processor is not sending signal to the coil. The red light of the signal checker doesn't turn on.
Is there a faulty component that could be repaired? Or would i have to change the whole processor? The processor is 7-8 years old or so. I'm considering the option to upgrade to a newer processor.

I would appreciate any help.


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Upgrade now. The 3G is no longer supported in any way by Cochlear and they don't even want the old processors back for recycling. My daughter upgraded to the Nucleus 5 over a year ago and has much better sound quality then she had with the 3G. More flexibility in the programs, too.