Edwards cinemax closed caption with glasses


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Have anyone tried that?

I haven't been to movie theater for years - maybe for 13 years. My major reason I don't go because lack of caption. I hate the reflected caption, you know putting a plastic thingy in drink holder. So, I stopped going there ever since and I always watch movies that came out on disc or steaming.

I happened to look up for closed caption that written on the screen - I wanted to watch The Last Jedi. And I came across this Edwards Cinema's offer - a glasses that show text caption on the glasses. That intrigued me.

Anyone have tried it and how is it? Is it better than that plastic thingy in cup holder? Is it difficult to follow actor/actress conversation?

Thanks in advance.


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Regal Cinemas have those type glasses in all of their theaters. I'm a regular attendee at ours here (so much so that the managers recognize me on sight and one also learned/signed Merry Christmas recently).

Anyway- they're good. A breakdown-
1. captions do display on the glasses. Green LED.
2. They are a bit bulky to wear but not too bad (I wear glasses)
3. The battery pack USUALLY lasts through an entire
movie. Sometimes I get 2 battery packs lol. I think
for the Star Wars movie they actually gave me 3 (I don't think we have many deaf people in my town...) as it's a LONG movie (over 2 hours tend to need 2 packs).
4. While wearing them, the captions move when you move your head, so sometimes that's beneficial if you can't see the captions in one part of the movie (light background or something), just move head to adjust. It's like watching tv captions though, you need to keep an eye on both the action and captions.

For me personally, I like them. I've never tried the cup-holder rear view caption one- and from the looks of it it may not work out too well for me with my vision troubles. Yes they look 'stupid' and clunky and are a bit heavy but that's a trade off for me to be able to follow the conversations. Captions do vary between movies sometimes though. Some will add in the name of the character if they're speaking offscreen, the usual font differences between regular conversation and voice from phone... oh yes.. beware... sometimes the captions will 'disappear'- I find that's because of a) the battery getting low and b)the words from the mouth doesn't match the captions- they change the movie last minute sometimes while they're busy captioning (and I swear they don't communicate!!).

Sorry that's a long review. But I'd give it a try at least once.


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Oh, no, it's good review. Anything that can prepare me for my first time visit! Great appreciated, DeafDucky! :)


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Glasses are okay, but I prefer CaptiView (device cupholder). I do wear glasses, but I don't want to wear extra glasses.


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I tried cupholder couple years ago. I couldn't even follow who's saying. I had to readjust it when someone decided to get up and walk by me. That was the biggest disadvantage.

I never seen glasses till recently. I planned to watch The Last Jedi today, but something came up and had to cancel it. I will get the chance soon and hopefully glasses is somewhat better than the cupholder.

The open caption (the written text on screen) - how do you follow it? I had troubling find out where or when they would show in theater.
Sorry, you're telling me these are real? I remember seeing them on the news like a decade ago and thinking 'yeah, that'll be great for me and mother!' Then I never heard anything else about them so I assume I'd dreamt them up!

I'm going to assume they're not available in my 'local' cinema though since it's not in a big city. I assume everything like this is only in the big cities where everybody else is, instead of in the sticks.
Now I'll have to wait a few years until I go to one to visit family and see if I can use some. It would be nice to understand a film for once.

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