EBT enable Higher Education for Deaf Children in Bhairahawa


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EBT enable Higher Education for Deaf Children in Bhairahawa

Esther Benjamins Trust (EBT) and Bhairahawa School for the Deaf will be celebrating the latest phase of their longstanding partnership with the opening of two new classrooms.

These classrooms were funded by Zoe Carr Education Trust via EBT and Nepal Child Welfare Foundation (NCWF). They will enable the school to provide education up to 12th standard - higher secondary level - for deaf learners. This expansion places Bhairahawa School at the head of learning provision hearing disabled children in Nepal. The youngsters will also be inspired by a series of large scale mosaics installed at the school which were made by ex students and depict endangered animals.

Esther Benjamins Trust is a UK-registered charity which, through it’s implementing partner NCWF, supports deaf children and young people at the Bhairahawa school and offers skills training and employment in a mosaic workshop. It also operates at the forefront of grassroots work against child trafficking in Nepal, rescuing victims and providing education and training to returnees from India.

Bhairahawa mosaic workshop has worked with international students from Doha and is curating an exhibition at Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre from Sunday 25th April. It currently employs 13 deaf young adults plus three young women rescued from circuses in India and recruitment is now taking place for new trainees from this year’s deaf school leavers.

Philip Holmes, Founder Director of EBT, will open the classrooms on Wednesday 21st April together with Dilip Bhatterai, Chairman of NCWF. The event will be attended by approximately 150 community leaders and supporters of the Bhairahawa School for the Deaf.