Ear molds


I have worn hearing aids for 12 years. Different kinds. Had them replace and redone. Just went in to order new ones today. The audi did an impression really deep down. Then it wouldn’t come out. She was pulling and tugging. Hurt really bad and I expressed that. She looked in the ear that hurt then the other then back in the one that hurt. Left, went and got an ENT, he looked and said there’s a blood blister in my inner ear...for this impression to get to my inner ear she would have also had to rupture my ear drum. I’m in paid. Swallowing. Moving my jaw. Talking. Everything hurts. But I was cleared by the ENT. Should I be more concerned?


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Can not physically get to your inner ear without putting a hole in your ear drum and moving out the way, the 3 little bones that sit in the middle ear. You wouldn’t be hearing anything if that happened!