Dreama's back. Remember me?

Hello, It's Dreama. Only I've got a new username now. I was Profoundly Deaf and partially sighted when I used to post here. Then I became almost totally blind (apart from light perseption). I think their is a way of accessing the net by a braille display but unfortunately I never figured it out. I bought a braille display and a braille note with a Deafblind communicater but never mastered anything past sending and receiving emails and txt messages.
Now some of my sight has been restored and I'm back to using Zoomtext to access the net. I also have a new Mac computer which is frustrating but lets me surf the net much easily then my old one did.
Anyway I like reading, surfing the net and vegan food.
Hi Dreama,
I think I remember U from AD
As for being deaf-blind, my eye sight in my left eye really went down hill in the last few years.

I'm pretty certain I was legaly blind in both eyes until this week. I had an operation in both of my eyes and now my sight is so much better.

However, there's history of vision problems in my family so I can't discount of me going blind again.

As for me, I have a lot of catching up to do and getting to know both new and old posters.
Thanks for the welcome Deafskeptic. Yes it is good to be partially sighted again. I had inwardly turned eyelashes which meant my eyes were almost always closed. When they were open my eyes were so infected that I only saw white mist.

Eventually I agreed to sort the problem out and have an operation that partially restored my vision. I don't know how long that will last either.


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Deafducky: Are you deaf blind?
Yes. My vision is better than my hearing though. Some might say I'm NOT deafblind ( the whole "you don't look....") but was born with severe cataracts, surgery, aphakic (no lens at all) for years so technically I was legally blind. Now that I have lens implants- somewhat better but probably still 'legally blind' without glasses.

Sorry... a long answer for.. I see myself as deaf+low vision.


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I am Deaf and low vision now too. I can see a lot but I can't read small print unless it's magnified in my CCTV.
I use a magnifying glass when needed to see small print.. not to the point of a CCTV yet. I know what they are though... a friend of mine had one at Gally- Big ole thing- black and white in those days. Pretty nifty.