Dominant hands?


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I've been signing for only about a year (Im HoH, started losing hearing in middle school.) and I've been picking it up REALLY quickly (I've tried learning other languages but they never stuck, ASL feels like second nature to me!)

The problem I have is with my dominant hand switching. I'm vaguely ambidextrous, I write with my right hand and do almost everything else with my left hand. When signing my dominant hand will switch and I won't even notice. Is this super bad? should I focus on keeping my dominant hand the same? I fingerspell better with my left hand so maybe I should try to train myself to keep my left hand dominant, but is it easier to understand with the right? How distracing is it when someone's dominat hand switches?


I don't think you need to worry about it. You can sign from either side or using only one hand. As long as you're clear you get the message across. I think it's really cool to be able to switch. Very handy if you break/hurt one hand then you can sign/fingerspell with the other one! I love using both sides. Fingerspelling or signs. Just do what is comfortable for you. I don't think I noticed people's right or left domiant hand untill I am actually teaching someone to sign then I am all like oh you're left handed and I am a little bit confused. but reading/listening other people's signs seems to be just fine with both sides. :) hope this helps and keep it up! ;)


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Just be careful not to switch in the middle of a sentence- especially fingerspelling lol.

It's not super bad but it does distract a little sometimes. I think maybe in time you'll be able to settle into something that works for you and end up with a dominate hand. :)


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Do you think switching in most sign will be same?
I am learning BSL. I am doing yhe same thing.
I will mostly sign right handed but some phrases are easier with left