Do your kids playing video games?


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Yes, ofcourse you should allow your kid to play video games.

Video games can teach children creativity and enhance their problem solving skills. Video games these days are different compared to how they were back in the days. Players are now made to analyze, and plan how to attack in the game in order to advance to the next level. These highlights of the game can trigger critical thinking and creativity.

These video games can also spark a child's interest in history and culture.


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Yes. Here are my rules for my son:
He has to complete his homework and studies.
He needs enough time to sleep. 10 hours or so.
He needs time to play outside everyday for an hour.
He needs time for basic stuff like eat, bath, …
Then he can play some simple online games, for example he likes bike games they are really cool!

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Yes, my daughter has a a few interactive applications on her iPad. It’s fine to keep them occupied, just don’t neglect other important things like physical activities so they can develop socially.

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