Do you have a service dog for the deaf?


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These are things that keep showing up on local TV in my area.
Huh... Once in a great while I'll see some news snippet on local news and maybe one of those prime time news shows (20/20, Nightline etc) about service dogs but they tend to skew heavily toward stories about abuse of having a service animal (fake papers, fake everything). But it's rare I ever see stories on TV. Now on Facebook and Twitter I do see more stories about service dogs for those with seizures, diabetes (they can smell when blood sugar goes up), assistant dogs for kids with CP, and of course hearing ear dogs.

Vets and people affected by domestic violence do have comfort dogs and they are legally service dogs.
Think those are called therapy dogs? I don't mind that and think it's awesome, but I'm seeing a lot of stories on FB about how people are trying to sneak their pets onboard a plane and claiming it's a 'therapy' dog. While it's great that dogs (and sometimes other animals) are trained for whatever is needed, I don't think there is very good regulation or oversight on which owners are legit or not considering many can just get a certificate printed from the internet that looks legitimate....


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I have no problem making sure they are available to those with conditions they can help that want them. But I get irritated by the things I see on TV that seem to think that absolutely everyone with a given condition should have one. They seem to forget that there are people that want absolutely nothing to do with dogs let alone have one!
I'm sure they know that not everyone likes dogs... there is plenty of dog lovers out there. You can't control how they run shows on TV, if it irritates you so much change your channel or find something to distract yourself until commercial is finished.

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hello, I have a working dog he's the best ever he wakes me up when alarm goes off or if the door bell or smoke alarm goes off he will nudge me well worth having. I'm not sure where you live? I'm from wales uk. I got him from hearing dogs for deaf people I'm on benitfits at the moment they do help me with the vet bills and food he travels on buses or trains for free because he's a working work or taxis. I buy his winter coats and pay for the groomers I also have help with pet insurance at the moment too. look them up on google
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You pay all the bills for the animal's care as every parent does be it four legged or two. It's expensive. I'd love a service dog but frankly not many people can swing the cost. I'd rather just get a dog that needs to be rescued. Service animal or not, they do make like easier.

Yep I have a rescue dog, an 80 lb German Shepard named Alvin. My friend rescued him as a pup, eventually got 2 other dogs, and had Alvin for about 5-6 years. Sadly my friend passed away last February. The dogs were in their kennels in the house for at least 2 weeks with NO food or water before someone called the Sheriff to do a wellness check on Howie. Sadly one of the dogs passed away right after he got to the shelter. I was going to adopt both the other dogs but his neighbor took one before Alvin could be released from the vet (he was on IV fluids and antibiotics for 2 weeks) he went down to 52 lbs.

He's my baby. My Weimie died before last Christmas I hadh im for 10 1/2 years through a Weimaraner rescue in our state. I've been training Alvin, he gets the door for me, and I'm working on having him wake me up if my flashing and buzzing alarm doesn't wake me up. You can probably train a rescue dog to do a lot of the things needed to help Deaf/HoH, it's very different than blind. The only thing is you can't take them everywhere you can take a service dog and I think that's okay. I LOVE Alvin but he has PTSD from what he went through and is unpredictable around other dogs, he can be aggressive. I would hate to compromise someone's ability to have their service dog in places because Alvin isn't trained for situations like that.

But for everything you need at home a rescue is a great idea!


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A service dog for the deaf is called 'a hearing dog'. I am thinking about having one and I am aware of its benefits in my daily life. Is anyone here who experienced frequent travelling by plane with the dog?


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Service dogs vary state to state. Here there are 2 places, one is completely free but not as good, the other you pay a $300 deposit which you get back after 1 year of ownership and following all rules. The vet bills are 100% yours BUT they are also tax deductible ( and you can now purchase health insurance for them as well and the new insurance rules ***for my insurance anyways*** is, the Service animal is qualified under the health insurance as a medical necessity and all you pay is a co-pay where the insurance pays for the service animal and the vet bills as well. This is private insurance UHC.


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I would like a hearing dog or duel purpose dog. I live in England. Anyone from England know about service dog's there.

If I was allowed pets in my flat I would get a group of rescue rats but I'm not allowed so I'm thinking of getting a service dog.

I've had two wonderful guide dogs named Bruce and Jilli. They were wonderful dogs.

The only draw back is that guide dogs are all Bred not rescue and I've heard that some service dog's are from Rescue centres.