Did you know the causes of sweating during sleep?

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    Aside from the room being too warm, obviously.

    I've got a minor flu a few days ago, and this evening during sleep I woke up to sweatiness a bunch of times.

    I checked it out online, yes this seems normal during a flu - but I after I read what else it could be, I thought about informing everyone else here to be future-prepared. So, if you or your husband or wife or child seems to be sweatin' one night and you know they don't have the flu or it's not summer, or they aren't in menopause/adolescence, might be the time to go see your doctor.

    Night sweats: What causes them? - MayoClinic.com
    (Mayo clinic report, mayoclinic.com is a great resource for human disease/illness symptoms and responses)

    Sweating During Sleep | Sweating Excessive

    "Sweating excessive", some random site out there devoted to sweating I guess? Sources seem kind of sketchy but it does agree with some mayoclinic reports

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    I remember my husband went thru this for many years, always wet bed from his excessing sweating. Lucky we found the caused of it, liver abcessed. Dr put tube in and drained it into the bag for 3 weeks. His sweating stopped then now once awhile he gets sweat and me too but not enough to wet bed, thank god.

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