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What is it? I've seen it before several times over the last several months.

Can this slang be used as a type of slur or a veiled attack of some kind when used? Or is it used in a more benign and innocent way? Or a mix there-of when used in a discussion?

Urban Dictionary: derp

DERP | Know Your Meme


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derp! it can mean in any way you want. derp.

btw - it's neither slur nor slang


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Here is what it looks like folks when using the word "derp" which can be used in the form of a personal attack, for fun, or just to make a nonsense remark in various context and potential meanings, or so it appears.

Here are some pictures found on the internet in various context with the word "derp"...

Since "it can mean in any way you want" then it's skies the limit using it in the form of a personal attack, amusement, derogatory slam, a funny nonsense word to mean nothing, to be used to make fun of people and so on. At least that is what it appears to be the case.


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Q: What does this topic have in common with Jerry Seinfelds old show?
A: A topic about nothing!