Deaflympics Winter Games on H3World.TV starting March 28


Deaflympics Winter Games on H3World.TV
starting March 28


Video coverage of the XVIII Deaflympics Winter Games in Russia will be available on SportsDeaf, an Internet video program presented by H3 Network Media Alliance.

Deaflympics Winter Games events will be held around Khanty-Mansiysk, an oil boom town approximately 3 hours flight northeast of Moscow. Athletes will compete for medals in alpine-skiing, curling, cross-country skiing, snowboard and ice-hockey.

Ivan Burgov will anchor this special SportsDeaf daily edition with updates and breaking news, complemented by reports from reporter Arkady Belozovsky at participating venues. This special daily SportsDeaf edition will be shown from 28 March to 5 April, 2015 and presented in international Sign with open captions in English. Production of sports video reports is sponsored by Sorenson Communications, the leading provider of Video Relay Service in the United States. Daily coverage of Deaflympics will be shown at

A daily travel video series from H3 Network Media Alliance, “Travel with Dawn: Arkady in Russia” will also be broadcast during the same period. Host Arkady Belozovsky will explore and show tourist sites and life for Deaf people in Russia.

"SportsDeaf" and “Travel with Dawn: Arkady in Russia" are original television production of H3 Network Media Alliance which also broadcasts "WorldAbout," "DeafWire," "DeafWaves" and "IS Today" current affairs and cultural programs in International Sign with open English captions 24 hours, 7 days a week. Viewers can watch TV shows or subscribe to program updates at


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Yeah, I found it out on the website. The Deaflympics for the Winter will be on March 28th to April 5th of 2015.

Just watch the program on or you can use what Deaf411 post on the website for T.V. I might try to watch the programs if I don't have problem getting in. I am not much of a fan for Sports. **sigh**