Deaf tech and communication with hearing people


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Hi everyone
Im a student in the Netherlands who is currently working on a project focussing on helping hearing and deaf/hard of hearing people communicate with each other.
So far our task is to build a vibrating table which will allow deaf/hard of hearing people 'hear' what is going on in their surroundings while also making hearing people feel some sort of connection and sense of understanding as everyone is sitting at the same table. Of course my group and i will try to work out how to make a table vibrate without having problems with placing drinks on the table or taking notes or using a computer and all that other technical nit picking stuff, but I would like to hear your thoughts. We are trying to organise a face to face meeting with deaf/hard of hearing people in our communities but this will take a while and we are working with some pesky time constraints. Further more if anyone has any interesting or out of the box ideas which help with any of these bullet points:
• Deaf and hard of hearing need not be a limitation
• Reducing communicative thresholds in a creative way.
• It is a sensually attractive project for both worlds.
• Forced to communicate with each other in an informal manner.
• It is a project with a future and possibility for different collaborations.
then you might get lucky and actually have your wonderful idea researched and tested and possible made fully functioning.
sorry if its a bit vague or weirdly worded its a bit unnatural to explain in english
thanks in advance