Deaf piano ?


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I had piano lessons when I was young kid (I'm Profoundly Deaf). I haven't played on piano for years... But I did used the piano 2 years ago only for fun for couple of minutes and my hearing brother was like, damn you're good, why not you go back on playing piano again?. I could go back playing on the piano for fun, but unfortunately I do not have a piano at home. :)


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I took piano lessons for a short time as a kid , I was practicing a silly kid song and my dad decided to play his violin with me. CRAP ! I was going fine then I hit the wrong key
and my dad took his violin and smash it right against my right ear hitting the metal button that was for my earmold ! I never went near the piano again or any musical instrument
again! And out of the four kids I was the only one that really wanted to learn how to play an instrument. I was told I had hands the were perfect for playing the piano too.