Deaf is Deaf


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For a second I got scared looking at
this paper getting ready to write
facing myself
no punctuation, the situation
the recognition, better recognize
realize. blah blah blah
gotta wanna wah wah
yibidy yabity blah blah
whatcha gotta say
today. to. mor. row, yo
gotta go
hard o’ hearing, what Im hearing
tired of hearing
makes my ears ring. dizz...y
makes me dizz.y
so I drink more water
and I breathe more conscious
the sur-plus
the full half of the glass
bass, fishin, catchin.
pettin. the kitty
I got cotton mouth
and toe hurts
I got blah blah blah
and whatever rhymes with hurtz
rent-a-car, mega Hertz
shirts. Its a guessing game
without ASL
Its a ****ing pain, without ASL
Linguistic Minority
Im Deaf as a BITCH! (x2
They call me high-functioning Mainstreamed Oral
But Deaf is Deaf (x2
I dont catch everything
I didnt hear that
so Im deaf to that, Im deaf to that
Deaf is Deaf! Deaf is Deaf!
That makes me Deaf. Im Deaf.
Need to know who I AM
So I can BE who I AM
Colonized by Epistemic Violence
Cultural Genocide, monopolized
by the Medical Institution
as a disability to fix
Well I got tricks that you dont know
I discern in ways you cant see
Blind to the truth you are
I dont turn a deaf ear
I simply AM.
I pay attention more that you know
vibrational fields and auras
Energy beyond Electromagnetic Frequencies
Feel the heart man,
thats what the Deaf bring.
a deeper connection
we show love we dont just say it.
dont believe what you hear
see it with your own eyes
evidence. realize
the Deaf Way
visual spatial
kinda interracial
kinda transgender
half hearing, half deaf
they call me hard of hearing
but I’d rather be Deaf
Deaf Rights, Deaf Power
We Dont Need to Listen