Deaf in Asheville, NC


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Hi! I want to meet deaf in Asheville, NC. I want to invite you to my church in Leicester. Pastor name = Lee Davis. Church name = Georgetown Baptist Church. OK? We have church for deaf on Sunday morning. Start time 11:00am. Seats are reserved specail for deaf.


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Used to live there, very very very small deaf community, as far as I remember around 60 deafies live there ranging from baby to elder.


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OH cool, I love Ashville, been thru there, where I used to go to Ridgecrest for Southern Baptist Conference for the deaf. It is beautiful area. But toooo far, tho.


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I live in NC, but I don't know where Ashville is and I can't travel outside city limits due to the fact it's easy for me to get lost.


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Once you get to Asheville, take Patton Avenue. After that you turn onto Liecester Highway beside Ingles grocery store. You will drive through four stop lights. When you get to number four, the highway will change and you will take a left turn onto Dix Creek. As soon as you do, you will see the sign for our church. You will take another left. Georgetown Baptist Church is on the right side of the road. I hope my directions are ok? I am sorry I did not reply sooner. I could not log on due to technical difficulty. I really hope to meet you soon!!

Ms. Williams

MapQuest online give very good directions


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asheville is so small town.. my bro is a cop and a OHCODA in Charolette but he livin in Concord now.. seen plenty of deafies in Charolette and Concord but never met Deafies from Asheville..


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Yesterday we had another deaf child visit. I excited to teach Sunday school for two deaf children.
Also, we are planning to take a bus to Greenville, SC on March 24. We are going to a Bill Rice Ranch Deaf Rally at Morningside Baptist Church. Any deaf who want to ride on the bus with us need to meet at Georgetown Baptist Church. Meeting time? 7am.
The Deaf Rally has food, games, fellowship, basketball tournament and much more! The special speakers are Nathan McConnell and Allen Snare.


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Silent Dinner

I went to a Silent Dinner in Asheville last night. It was my first time. I meet a lot of wonderful people, and had a great time. I go to school in Flat Rock, near Hendersonville.
I believe they meet the first and third Thursday every month at the Asheville Mall Food Court, if you are interested.

Please contact Cory Parker for more information
P3: (828) 348-8012
I am hearing in Greenville, NC. I am currently attending Pitt Community College. I am looking for deaf meet-ups or events in the area...but I haven't found any yet. I know some ASL, but would like to improve my signing. If anyone has any information please let me know either here or in a private message.