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I'm deaf and I'm autism I'm looking boyfriend deaf only 18-25 top only I'm 50 I wanna be happy with deaf gay guy in my future I'm new in here in all deaf I'm from pigeon forge tn where Dolly Parton hometown and smoky mountain my all deaf friends know I'm bi-gay they care about me a lot I have two best friend deaf lesbians they hopefully I found boyfriend one day wanna cuddle and spend together chat with me in my future I'm open mind if any one your deaf friend looking for boyfriend welcome to my email
Are you a pedophile? 50 and you want an 18 year old boyfriend? The only reason you don't say younger than 18 is you know it is illegal? You only have 2 posts here?


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Don't have clue but I'm gay and profoundly Deaf not looking for hook up but if you lived in Billings mt be nice to have friend that wanted to learn sign

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Do you have a kik? Kik me if you do. At, d5slittle1