Deaf guy need your help setting up a vet practice in Hungary


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Dear Friends,:wave:

I would like to thank you for reading this. Even though I am not running a marathon or making a skinny dip into the chilled waters of the Atlantic I have found a good cause worthy standing by to and would like to tell you about it a little.

Since adopting our foxterrier, Bobita, (but even before her) we have been closely following blogs and websites where dogs to be rescued were featured. There was this one outstanding blog written by a vet who worked at one of these huge Budapest shelters which was particularly gripping. Not just because of the quality of the photos, or because of that heartfelt, but also cheerful, yet down-to-earh tone - but because with his extraordinary talents he cured these animals and encouraged hundreds (maybe thousands) to adopt!:lol:

I was fortunate enough to meet this near deaf young man when participating in a fundraiser he organized for an unknown shelter tucked away in the country. The fundraiser was a big success and now he started a new project.

He would like to get crowdfunding to start his hearing-impaired friendly vet's office where he would provide services at a discounted price for animal shelter foundations and for people with financial difficulties. You can read more about him here and watch the video he made:

A deaf vet and his dream by Levente Mikesy - GoFundMe

Thank you for reading this and helping a talented, kind person to achieve his dream!