Deaf Dream


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I had a dream that made me think about something. Would they say someone in a wheelchair is fixed? NO, but they think CI's fix Deaf. It is lies.:zzz:


people really are crazy these days they will say anything that comes to their mind when really they know its not true or just to dumb to listen or what so ever. they dont know anything till they ask someone instead of making up crap and stories or theroys. people are just stupid really stupid these days


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To reinforce the obvious-re Cochlear Implants, A DEAF person is NOT fixed just Assisted with the means of electronics. Easy to test-disconnect-what does one "hear"?

Aside: my experience with my Cochlear Implant

I acknowledge that not all DEAF persons are "suitable" for one That fact comes from Sunnybrook/Toronto since 1984- 2 out 3 DEAF person were "unsuitable" for a variety of medical reasons. Info given last year patients meeting.
aside: I was one of 1000-implanted.