Cute hearing boy trying to work out where the voice was coming from.


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This is based on a true story that happens last week at my deaf school.

LAst week a group of children from our neighbouring school were invited over to our storytime event. The children were 5 years old and only been at school for few weeks.

One of our Deaf staff was telling the story in sign language and this little boy quietly tapped his teacher on the shoulder and said Mrs.. You know that person ( DEaf signer) is not even using her voice she using her hand but i can hear a voice.. Where is this voice coming from?? Is that book talking ?? that a clever book to talk. Poor teacher didnt know how to explain to this little boy that there is an interpreter behind him so one of my team teacher had to go and sit down next to this little boy and explained and show him who was doing the voice over. This little boy said WoW!! she is very clever to do the voice over cos she not reading the book and she sitting right behind me, what a smart person. It was so funny for him trying to figure out the role of an interpreter as it was very new to him but at the end he finally got it and was like Wow that real neat.

This morning I saw this little boy again and said to him did u enjoy the story? and his responds was oh yes i did, especially hearing the voice behind me. That was soo cute from a five years old.


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That is wonderful story Sasha, :ty: for sharing with us :)


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Aww that's very cute Sasha, very bright little hearing boy. :lol:


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Sasha , that's a very cute story of the little boy amazed at the role of the interpreter. Maybe, he's inspired to become one in the future :)