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    With the new year upon us, we can reflect back to the days of (AD) in 2004 reminiscing the many threads and posts of various types of opinions, feelings, attitudes that truly shaped the overall image of AD. Presently, as AD faces new challenges in the coming new year whereas some attitudes and respect is rampant and disheartening for members in AD up to the point to implement new guidelines. AD is presently working in great strides to warrant any new guidelines as needed in order to allow this site to run smoothly and being effective for all its members.

    In the last few months of 2004, AD has seen and felt blows of bitterness, anger and frustrations spread out in the posts and threads in which the rules conformed to AD have been quashed upon and ignored. At which the freedom of speech is readily and easily debatable of where it's appropriate and proper to draw the line. Yet at the same time, instilling the means to be courteous and upholding respect toward ALL members fittingly holds the 'key' for freedom of speech at its best without stepping over into any members' stance when it comes to the variety of opinions and ideas expressed across this Forum. Evidently, there will always be cases whereas certain issues will not be agreed on, where opinions differs from others, etc., and how it is being corresponded and relayed which is steadily getting out of hand by way of flame-wars, bashing, intolerable and rude replies to the dismay of many members, hurting or insulting members' beliefs, feelings and opinions. This not only degrades the image of AD, but the philosophy that AD so dearly adheres to and maintains is gradually being picked apart little by little. All the thrashing, bickering and finger-pointing needs to cease. Obviously, not everyone is going to get along with one another, but if we can put into more efforts on our part to know when NOT to post something which might otherwise be considered offensive, bashing, down-right rude, finger-pointing, etc., and being able to come across with posts that's much more tolerable and done so in a civilized matter.

    What can we do to give the 'face-lift' that AD graciously could use? Not that AD is miserably troubled or in danger of having its functional operations coming to a screeching halt. Members are being turned away, members are getting insulted or hurt, members losing interest. Naturally AD cannot please everyone, although, in due respect, AD can provide solitude for some, a place for inspiring and important information for some, relaxation for some, a place for good quality debating on a variety of issues, a place to share feelings whether it's personal or not (<will elaborate more on this in the next paragraph), a place where new friends or aquaintances are made and developed, a place where laughter, a smile, a chuckle can be felt. The list goes on and on. The important thing is that AD is here for your enjoyment, to use, to blend in and to interact with others. It's a community consisting from all walks of life even if the majority of the members are either deaf or HoH/CI, AD does welcome those who are hearing as members of AD to participate across the board.

    There are times when members feel the need to post certain personal threads out of expressing the need to 'vent.' Although there isn't a problem when a member resort to this tactic, the underlying problem surfaces when a member or two start bickering or whining which invariably bring other members to the point of also making down-right harsh and rude posts. AllDeaf isn't a Forum where we can openly bash or thrash any member, if a member have the urge or the desires to deplorably and openly insult or bash others, there ARE other online sites that will cater to those needs. Here, a member will simply be warned and as for other extreme situations or viable reasons, a permanent ban will be imposed immediately. Bottom line is this: Think twice before replying to a specific 'vent' and take the time to consider whether the reply will be offensive, harsh, etc., and refrain from submitting it. If members have a problem with a certain 'vent' in AD, it would be most suitable in the course of action to contact any of the moderators here in cases of such extremity, contacting Alex is the final option to pursue.

    Forum Rule:

    As specified above in detail, giving in to every effort to be respectful and courteous throughout AD, for those who don't will be warned or placed on a temporary ban. Understand this, if there is something 'bad' to say toward another member regardless what the topic or subject is, the consequences of a member's action(s) will be dealt with in a manner best served appropriately for the sake of AD's reputation and philosophies.

    Another subject matter comes to attention for which there have been cases where off-topic posts is being carelessly done so. Several off-topic posts with an explaination or reason for doing so is fine while other posts that tends to stray far away from the topic in the thread is not only unneccessary, but could be considered rude in part. These type of posts needs to be forwarded to the moderators' attention so we can remove those posts. Members who invariably keeps posting off-topic posts constantly without due respect will be warned, after the third warning in relation to off-topic posts, a temporary ban will be implemented. Once again, off-topic posts noting a viable (good) cause and reason (intention) for doing so will be honored and excused. Members created threads for a purpose, let's stick to the topic for which the thread is concerned with.

    Lastly, moderators here do strive hard to keep AD running smoothly so the pleasures and enjoyment of using AD can be a rewarding experience for all members. Alex has given so much of his time since the first days of AD and has brought it up to a highly professional standard of maintaining AD in its rightful position online which is bringing in more and more members into AD. Moderators can't always see every single post or be in AD every minute, therefore, if members could take a minute or two to contact any one of us moderators for any discrepancies (contradictions), problems, help, etc., you can send a 'pm' (private message) or on the main page of AD, scroll down to the bottom of the listings of forums and click onto 'View Forum Leaders' and proceed from there. Let's keep Alldeaf enjoyable for all members. Respect, respect, respect and being courteous despite the differences in opinions and thoughts conveyed in!

    If there are any questions or not sure of any detail expressed herein, please do not hesitate to ask!

    Thank you!

    Roadrunner, AllDeaf Super Moderator

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