ComPilot + Phonak FM receiver.

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    Does anyone use a Phonak FM receiver with their ComPilot?

    It saves having to buy 2 as using it with the ComPilot, it goes to both aids.
    It also means that my Naidas stay as water resistant.
    If I upgrade HAs, I won't have Naida receivers that I am unable to use as my new aids may have changed shape etc.

    Does anyone else use the ComPilot and one FM receiver because of my reasons above?

    Or do people upgrade their FM systems as regularly as their aids?

    I'm thinking about this idea for the future but wondering what other people think?

    By the way, I do have Naida receivers which were funded but I'm thinking about the future.
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    Jun 19, 2012
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    Corinth Georgia
    Naidia owners manual sez anything streamed into one aid, goes to the other aid also. Was told by Audi that if I plug in an audio into the Compilot, the System transfers automatically whatever the remote FM receiver picks up. I also found out today that if you are hooked up to bluetooth and walk out of range of the Compilot for an extended time, it will become disconnected. Only way for it to reconnect is to turn both phone and Compilot off. Then with both turned back on the connection will complete automatically. Also if you are listening to music or FM transmission and a call comes in on bluetoth, call takes prescedence.

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