Company develops air-free car tires that will never go flat

The Joker

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For as far as automotive technology has advanced in just the past decade alone, the frustration of dealing with a flat tire remains a problem that affects everyone. So while we now have cars that can switch lanes and parallel park all by themselves, we still haven’t stumbled upon a solution to eliminate flat tires.

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Coming to the rescue is Hankook Tire, a company which already manufactures tires both for day-to-day driving and performance vehicles. While traditional tires are simply comprised of rubber and air, Hankook, a company based out of South Korea, has been busy testing a new prototype tire dubbed iFlex that doesn’t require any air at all, thus eliminating the threat of getting a flat altogether.

Its about time! How bout developing a car that runs on solar and electric and goes as fast as 65 MPH. And keeps going as long theres sunlight. But as electric goes it should go over 350 miles before charging.