College Student Looking for Responses to a Short Survey About Deaf Riders of Public Transportation


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Hello friends! I'm a college student doing a research project on public transit accessibility for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing riders. I've put together a survey through which I can hopefully learn about many different experiences and raise awareness about this issue. I'm looking for responses from people living in or near New York City, or in another city with a large public transit system.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Survey link:


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We aren’t guinea pigs. We’re real people. Come here and interact with us instead of just posting a survey that’s been done over and over. Thank you.
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The issue with college students (new members) only come to post a survey question(s) and didn't bother to come back anymore. That's why we don't bother answering those survey questions. There's a thread for college students with questions in this thread.. a bunch of similar questions in there.
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