CI soon...CI friendly only please

Jane B.

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I totally agree with neecy! I've lived in a small town all my life (64 years) and have met and/or known of exactly 3 deaf people....none of which are people that I am close to. Who would I talk to?? The nearest classes are 40 miles away and, frankly, at this late stage I don't see anyone I'm close to learning it, either.
I am in very similar circumstances but have 10 years of age on you. I did try taking beginning sign at a local community college two different times back in the 1980s and made NO contacts to use it and get up to useable speed. I think most taking it must have been there for the language credits rather than take another foreign language. If I did decide to try again I do have the advantage of closer classes.

It has been literally years since I saw anyone use it in public.

(See below for quotes of where what we are posting about comes from in the early part of the thread)

Are you in high school? or in college? just do you understand teacher at school or meeting or workshop without interpreter?

There is nothing wrong with sign language...sounds like to me that you are ashamed and wont accept your deafness do you socialize with deafies? I promise you once you get will lose your hearings for good and you will regret for not learning sign language long time ago...
I think this is a gross assumption. You do NOT need sign language to make it in the world. I didn't learn until I was 21, and was able to understand my teachers, and go to meetings etc by lipreading alone.

Why in the WORLD would somebody who does'nt want to learn sign language be considered to not accept their deafness?????? Sign is not a requirement for acceptace of a disability, you know. She said she had no interest - thats her choice. Socialization with the deaf world also isn't a requirement to be happy.

Attitudes like this annoy me.

Bipul Mahipal

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I brought nucleus 6 and resound enzo2(9) with phone clip and multi mic one week ago. It is amazing that i can talk without face to face. My friends who are not deaf; normal person, were shock that i can listen cleared and it was fun. I am very happy to right choice.


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wish you luck, blondi53. i don't ever wear CI in my life. i am happy to be totally deaf in the hearing environment for more than 35 years working at (hearing) company. i don't wear the hearing aids at all. i m happy who am i.
Thats fine for you ,everybody has there own choice to make,if your happy that way great,but im not,i was born hearing and i miss it very much,so my choice is that i want to hear again!