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This is actually a multi-part question I have:

I have my device selection appt with the surgeon and AuD on March 15th and I'm trying to decide which company to go with. I haven't completely ruled out Med-El but I am favoring AB and Cochlear over them. Which one did you choose and why?

I will say that discreteness is not my goal as I've always worn rightly colored ear-molds and hearing aids and have even heavily decorated them before. I do love to swim so a waterproof option is key and I loved music when I could hear it. I would love some kind of bluetooth feature (preferably without a third party item like ComPilot, etc but not a deal breaker).

I am meeting with an AB person tomorrow and was wondering what questions should I ask? I want to make sure I make a solid decision that is well thought out and researched.

I know Med-El also has a regional rep and I will be reaching out to her, does Cochlear America?


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I chose AB because they paired up with Phonak and I've been wearing Naida's for a few years now. Plus they have a great forum.
AB has the waterproof Neptune.


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I chose AB because of their superior technology in most areas. In the post below yours I posted a link to a comparison chart, that may help you with your decision.


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I chose Cochlear for the better warranty and options.
Besides that I went to the meetings (support group) and talked with all the various brand wearers and Cochlear won me over from what these members said and in comparison with eachother. I narrowed down to AB and Cochlear and Cochlear won me over. Its based on what you like and want and who can provide those to you... research is your friend.
Cochlear is the leader in the field, dedicating and funding more research than all the others combined.


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The N6 and Kanso are the exact same processor internals just made into different casings, its your choice of preferences of if you want something hanging on your ear or a smaller unit just attached to the magnetic area of your head. The Kanso on the other hand is only using disposable batteries BUT cochlear is working on a rechargeable option in the future.

Bipul Mahipal

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I brought cochlear nucleus 6(right) and hearing aid resound enzo2(9)(left) with phone clip and multi mic one week ago. It is amazing that i can talk without face to face. My friends who are not deaf; normal person, were shock that i can listen cleared and it was fun. I am very happy to right choice.