Ci cause head to throb

I have been wearing my CI now for almost a month, have had 2 tuning sessions and another one due in 2 weeks. I am having a problem where after 4 or 5 hours in a loud environment my entire head throbs, even my non-implanted side. I have to turn it off for a 30 minute break or so. Why does it affect my non-implanted side? Is this normal? I told my audiologist and she said I may need to speak to my surgeon. Any ideas?
When I turn it off, the throbbing goes away after 10-15 min. Just now turned it off again. I know it's not the case but since I am getting so used to the loud sound in my CI, I swear it seems like I am rapidly losing hearing in my non-implanted ear bc it's not as loud. I just turned it off as I started this post, non-implanted ear is just throbbing. At this point I swear I can understand more without this implant. Trying not to get discouraged but it ain't easy.
The throbbing is on non-implanted ear and it only occurs after a period of loud noise. Gonna try to get an app that today for possible ear infection