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I'm Mous and I'm new on this forum. I have three kids, the eldest two are hearing, and I've got a wonderful daughter of 2 1/2 yrs old, that was born deaf. She got a bilateral cochlea-implant last october, and the sound was turned on in november. Our daugher just loves her CI. In the beginning, whenever she would hear a new sound, she would sign "listen!", and all of her face would radiate with pure joy, her whole being would lighten up with excitement.

I'm not writing to you because I want to start a discussion about wether or not to choose CI for children. Here in Norway where I live, that is not so much a discussion anymore. The Deaf community here is in general quite positive towards it, they don't think it will threaten their culture so much, but are aware that it will definetly change it.

However, the discussion going on in this country is about in which way these children should be educated. There is a big contradiction between to groups: one says the kids should only be tought speech (oral), versus an even bigger group that goes for a bilingual speechdevelopement, i.e. norwegian and norwegian signlanguage. (And there of course is the mixture of spoken language with sign as support, but I don't wish to categorize this as signlanguage).
We have chosen for our daughter to be able to learn both languages, so that she later on in life can choose in which arena (hearing or Deaf) she wants to be. I'm doing an education in signlanguage at the university.In addition to that i follow a course that all parents of children with severe hearingloss get, which is in all 40 weeks of signlanguage tuition, over the course of 16 years (or untill the child becomes 16). (Paid leave from work.)
For the university education I'm writing a paper now, which is about belonging to different cultures (Deaf/hearing), whether this is possible, and what are important factors for a bilingual education to being succesfull. Lets face it, we do not want the child being half-competent in either of the two languages. Our goal is that the child becomes fluent in both. (In addition to that, we speak a third language at home, dutch).

My question is, are there any people who either have had an implant as a child and have grown up bilingual, or parents who chose an implant for their child and chose the bilingual education for their child in stead of only oral, and what are your experiences? I would love it if you would want to share that with me.



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I'm not quite sure if this belongs under the Introduce forum, but welcome to AD and hope you enjoy your stay here...

I'm glad to hear that the CI implant is helping your child to hear, I have no problem with children who has CI implant either, the early they are implant the better the result are by being able to hear, and develope their language skills etc....

I lost my hearing at the age of 5 due from illness..We didn't have CI implants back then when I was young, I was raise to be oral, learn signs in the late years, was able to hear from wearing two hearing aids on both ears, didn't quite help much throughout the years, but it was better than not hearing anything but If they did had CI implants back then I might as well get one for myself at the young age, but now that I'm much older, I rather just to wear the hearing aids, it better than nothing at all.... :D


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I've posted the question elsewhere

Had trouble how to put in a new thread, but I put the new one under communication..
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Mous said:
Had trouble how to put in a new thread, but I put the new one under communication..
no problem :thumb: , I just firgure it out by now, I thought my post went somewhere! LOL... the Mods will take care of it for you ;)
Newbie here

I am not familar on where to put this or how to do it yet .. this is regarding the CI's

I am getting a CI done in a couple of weeks and I am just wanting to ask for suggestions and advise regarding mapping. This is a great website. :wiggle:

as in america i think that Insurance Refuse to cover bilingual implant.. most insurance only covers 1 sided implant.

anyway welcome to AD enjoy your stay...

my views that child with implant who learns sign language improves quality so therefore i believe total communication is a good method :D


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Hallo Mous!

Herzlich Willkommen zu AD.

I just found out today that you are wife of Cloggy. :thumb:

Come and share your posts here with us... :D
G'day Mous
Welcome to AD. Hope you'll enjoy your visit here. I think Norway Govt's great to encourage and give parents some subsidies to learn Norwegian SL.
Cheers :wave:

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