Choosing between ab & med-el


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Hey, I'm new to this forum and trying to decide which CI brand is right for me. I'd like to learn more about AB's electrode hugging the "inner" part of the spiral. That's been a big question of mine. Where did you find this information? Thanks!
Cochlear's implant ( electrode) is a tight spiral as well. Each and everyone is different. What works best for one person may not be the best for the next person. Your surgeon is the best one to ask as they can see ( MRI ) your cochlea and know which electrode is best. See a surgeon who is non bias, who will give you an honest opinion on each and suit your needs the best. I have cochlear and I listen and play music and different instruments with no issues. so as some say one is better for this and that...not true, its what works best for you ! These are the 2 types of implants by cochlear that they offer ( straight and spiraled ) IMG_5925.JPG

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