Children's Television Act Of 1990


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What you think about e/i requirement from Children's Television Act of 1990?

For me, e/i requirement by FCC is totally joke and nearly all e/i requirement is garbage, also it has no entertainment value as children programmings move to cable.

When I was young kid, we had Disney Afternoon and Fox Kids - most of their shows aren't e/i mandated, also we had ABC Kids and WB Kids too. We didn't have cable for short time after moved to rental house, also watch TV over air used to be great but not anymore now, but it is great if you are adult.

I think that Children's Television Act should be repealed and throw i/e requirement out because major networks don't air popular children programming anymore, but it used to be great in 1960s to 1990s before all children programming moved to cable after CW Vortexx block ended in 2014 - it was one of final block for over the air so all of e/i shows are outsourced.

I think that we need to reform the TV rating and shift from control of TV studios to non-profit organization, such as MPAA to handle the shows rating and remove the FCC censorship on public TV. If networks want to use bad language so it should be automatically rated to TV-14 or TV-MA.

I used to watch Family Matters, Full House, Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Simpsons, outside of children block from over the air.