Check ups


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How often do you visit your audiologist?
I have just been reading back one of my old posts. It has been just under 18months.since i last saw my audiologist.
Even with my aids i am struggling again.
If i turn away i can no longer hear noises.
I sometimes cant hear my own voice.
I can no longer clearly hear my hubby.
He has a strong deep voice. Is it too soon to be going be going for a check up?


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No, it is not too soon. If your hearing has changed or you are no longer getting the same benefit from your aid that seems like the perfect time to visit to see what's going on.


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last friday. I was getting check up with audiologist to change my volume level and background sound... but i was checking on front desk Nikki she so nice lady. I able understand she talked with me. I am getting know her. She's cool.