Captel Phone

So I have a Captel phone for work. But the captions are only accurate 60-70% of the time. Is this normal for other folks?

I could ask my work to provide ZVRS (which is what they originally provided) but my ASL is weak.

This is a bit distressing since I make decisions that are safety related. It doesn't come up often, but I don't want to be responsible for messing something up.

I'm having the same trouble. I need a business phone that I can transfer and use a hold button. Hamilton is working on it and so are the IT guys but it is slow going. I have started using the computer system to make my calls and the regular phone if I have to answer it. I keep having to tell people that I'm HOH so they'll slow down or speak clearly.


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I also have captioncall home phone,have to have dsl for it,no special # for people to have to call like captel, people just dial your regular phone # the captioning is pretty good not the most accurate in the world,but other people find it easier to call me straight out instead of 20 #s plus!