Can someone who is severely deaf talk normally?


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Don't tell that to any of my moderate loss friends who went to Gallaudet with me that. As far as I know many considered themselves either deaf or hard of hearing.

As for the "they would speak like they were deaf"- Again- I have never been told I 'speak like I was deaf' Whatever the hell that means. But hey you're painting with a very broad brush.

Since I have never heard you speak I can't tell how your speech pattern is on the forum, so until I do the jury is out. My kids went to a public elementary school that also had the county's deaf school on site. Many, but not all spoke like they were deaf. So much depends on when you lost your hearing and also how much speech therapy you had. I also know several people who went to Gallaudet and yes, they speak like they are deaf, but they were born with severe to profound losses. A good friend of mines son was born with a severe hearing loss and spoke like he was deaf until his late 30's. When he was 37, he was diagnosed with oral cancer and ended up with a radical thyroidectomy and lost half his tongue. The surgeons took part of his thigh muscle and used it to repair the portion of his tongue he lost. Several years later and with many many hours of speech therapy he speaks better than he did before surgery. Would you say that the actress Marlee Matlin speaks like she is deaf?
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I was born deaf didn't start talking up until I was 7 years old, not clearly but was able to put in some sounds. My speech got better as I got older, now hearing people think I am one of them, which I know I am not. I still can't hear nothing without the hearing aid ( ugh ) . Just because I can talk, does not mean I am a hearing person. That would be a lie. I still cant tell the differences in in the letter R and W, both sound same to me :P

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