Caffeine Consumption Lowers Tinnitus Risk


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New discoveries about caffeine have come to light and it is a healing discovery for those suffering with Tinnitus or ringing of the ears. Specifically women have been studied in this American Journal of Medicine study since 1991. The results were highest in younger and middle aged women suffering with this condition as they upped their caffeine intake the risk of developing Tinnitus was significantly lowered.

This study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital found out of 65 thousand women studied.The women who were ages in range between thirty years of age to forty four years of age linked caffeine as the main lifestyle choice that protected them from this condition. The results were significant because observations were associated with higher caffeine intake and the incidents of Tinnitus were directly linked.

Women who drank less than two eight ounce cups of coffee had higher incidents of Tinnitus than those who drank up to six cups of coffee a day. Coffee was directly linked to the reason behind the lowered risks. Coffee was the way these women consumed caffeine. The results were fifteen percent lower in the women who consumed larger amounts of caffeine per day.

The results were not different pertaining to age and the association of the results is still not understood. The former studies on caffeine have suggested that caffeine has a direct link to the inner ear in studies done on animals. Those that researched this project stated that more research needs to be performed before a conclusive link can be understood and in the relation of caffeine to the inner ear and why it clearly changed this pattern in women. Researchers do state that more study needs to be accomplished before medical recommendations can be made for those already suffering with Tinnitus. Further study has to be conducted to prove if higher caffeine intake would improve Tinnitus in women already suffering with this condition.

Caffeine Consumption Lowers Tinnitus Risk | Hearing Aid Blog
How did they determine it was the caffeine and not something else in coffee? Would someone consuming the amount of caffeinated soda or tea to match six cups of coffee have the same improvement? What is "significantly lowered" mean? Interesting article lacking in details.

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