but the cat just flat out smarted me...


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I want any women who are interested in having a relationship to know that I can protect them in event they get bitten by a cat or cats. Women may believe me, but cats won't listen. They may bite woman with me looking. It worries me. I don't want to lie to women. Should I err on the safe side because no one can predict when cats will bite?


I think you better sit the cat down in the corner with a dunce hat for hairy minutes to think of his/her crimes.

*EDIT- OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD!!! Hairy was supposed to be thirty, not hairy!!!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:


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You should look for a woman who has good rapport with cats, and the subject of protecting the woman may never come up.


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u are funny, i am cant help hard laugh sorry apologized reading silly joke! :lol: silly LMA O!


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I just checked with my cat-Prof SKY- don't bit anyone. Resting at the moment. Perhaps-a ferral cat not "housebroken" yet?