Bullet journal


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What is Bullet Journal?

When I first found out about Bullet Journal through Pinterest at the beginning of this year, I found it fascinating. I wasn't sure if it would work for me, but it does. Bojo is a short word for Bullet journal.

If you ever have trouble writing things in your planner or journal, Bojo may be the one for you. It's very different from others is that you can customize anything you want to put in your Bojo. You can buy any simple notebook or Moleskin or whatever you like to create your system.


Ryder Carroll created Bullet Journal because he has a learning disability and gets short attention span. Bullet Journal works for him. He even said that you don't have to follow his system if it doesn't work for YOU. You can come up with your system that works for you.

If you want to see more ideas of Bullet Journal, just go to Pinterest and type in Bullet Journal. I don't need to follow their ideas to get some inspiration because I want to keep my Bullet Journal minimal.

I thought you guys would like to know. Maybe it might work for you.