BSL vlog.. can someone interpret please?


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I'd like to hear his story. Thank you in advance. :ty:

[ame=]YouTube - Peter Tell Story About Hearing Teasing Deaf[/ame]


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Hello, my name is PETER
I live in Bury
I'm deaf
I'm not happy in the area(I think, am bit unsure)
Hearing people are teasing deaf, it's not right.
It's hard to communicate with hearing people, when hearing people bully the deaf.
More or compare? to help stop hearign people bully other deaf people in home or outside home. I'm not happy, it's better to sort outside and make it stop.
This week, I am not happy, why children are knocking on my door and ringing and it's hard to hear what they are saying. I told them to go but they won't go because I'm deaf. They are hearing, they ignore me, its like they dont care, it's not right.
I will arrange something with the council to try and stop.
Thank you for listen to me. Thank you. Bye

I think I got some of the words wrong. but most of it is correct


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Jclarke is right, Peter was talking about the way jclarke described. But I am not too sure how the council could help him

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Interesting, lissa, maybe you can check if you can contact peter and find out about it then post it with us. i happen to be curious like society's child.


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perhaps, if he is living in an area owned / supported by the council, then talking to them could get things sorted out! maybe they could get him moved to a different house or something altough I'm not entirely sure how it all works.


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Lissa, Jclarke

Can I ask you the question? Do you think BSL and AUSLAN are same sign language or different? The alphabets look like similar to AUSLAN and BSL. I am not sure it's same or not. I used to know AUSLAN's ABC long times ago.