Brief Interview for People Who Wear Hearing Aids

Hi everyone,
My name is Jazmin, and I'm studying to be a speech-language pathologist. I'm currently enrolled in a Aural Rehabilitation course, and I'm working on an assignment that requires me to interview at least three people who wear hearing aids. I would really love to read about your experiences with hearing aids and appreciate your responses. Thank you in advance!
The interview questions are below. Feel free to type your responses in the comments section or direct message me!

1. How long have you worn your hearing aids?
2. For how long before you got your hearing aids did you suspect you had a hearing loss?
3. How long do you wear your hearing aids each day?
4. Do you feel like you get benefit from your hearing aids?
5. What complaints do you have about your hearing aids?
6. Do you feel like your hearing aids have lived up to what your audiologist or hearing aid dealer told you they would do?
7. Did you get your hearing aids from an audiologist or a hearing aid dealer?
1. I have worn it for 17 years almost 18.
2. I was born half deaf or HoH. So my parents didn't notice it until 3 years later.
3. It probably changes. But minimum 7 hours (When I have to go highschool or go to work). I have to say that I'm not a guy who leaves so much of the house, since I don't enjoy it as playing videogames with friends or learning about something. It would be more hours if I was a socializable guy, but I'm not. Whenever I get home, I quit my hearing aids, and put my headset.

4.Of course, I do feel there are a lot of beneifts. But you probably don't feel it if you have been wearing it for so long time (like weeks, months or years) Because when your hearing aids get broken and won't be repaired until some days, then you notice how important and needed is for your life.
5.They are so uncomfortable, at least for me, and I hate the when the squeal. I guess it's normal, but anyways I do hate it.
6. Yes, they told me I would listen, and that is what they did
7.From an audiologist

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