Boondockers, Dispersed Camping


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Hello, I am itching for upcoming blast summertime. I just acquired second RV, big travel trailer accomodates 9 people. Lol. Some of you have wondering why I got huge SUV powered by Diesel, heres the reason why... almost no SUV and some full size pu truck wont be able to pull my new RV as they are too heavy. My gross combination weight about 15k lbs. Usualy 3/4 ton or greater truck is fine.

Anyway, if you have done boondock* or dispersed camping at one of parks across united states, feel free inbox me of share here.
Next year maybe Canada for Alaska!

Boondock means travelers would stop by a spot where host allows overnight park to sleep, usually free... no hook ups most cases. Its new to me, and Im looking 4ward to it and hope one of members here have experience and share here.