Black bakery owner loses lawsuit, forced to bake racist kkk cake


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Liberal groups are up in arms regarding the religous freedom bills in Indiana and other states that would allow business owners to refuse to provide services for events they deem contrary to their faith or belief systems. However, there are unintended consequences to forcing all business owners to provide services for those they disagree with. For instance, would a liberal want a Muslim or a Jewish caterer forced to cater for an “all bacon dinner” at the annual Ham festival in Houston?

Of course not! Because Muslims are a protected class in their minds!

Beware of the slippery slope.

Here’s something that should cause everybody on the left and the right to rethink their positions.

A Georgia court recently found that a bakery owner who happened to be black was guilty of discrimination because she refused to bake a racist cake for an upcoming KKK gathering.

And this is not a joke.

A Georgia court has ruled in favor of Marshall Saxby, the Grand Wizard of a local KKK chapter, in a lawsuit stemming from two years ago when a local bakery denied him service.

The three judge panel concluded unanimously that the bakery had violated civil rights laws by discriminating against Saxby when they refused to sell him a cake for his organization’s annual birthday party.

Elaine Bailey, who owns Bailey Bakeries, refused to bake a cake for the ceremony because it violated her religious beliefs.

Saxby filed the lawsuit claiming that Bailey’s refusal of service was discriminatory against his religious beliefs.

The case is similar to the recent decision in New Mexico where a court has ruled that a photographer discriminated against a gay couple for refusing to provide them service.

Bailey said in a prepared statement, “it’s a sad day when bigots have to be treated equally before the law. If they can discriminate against people, then surely I cannot be forced to support their beliefs by providing them services against my will.”

Saxby was very happy with the outcome, stating “the law says that it’s wrong to discriminate against people if you run a business, and that means she was wrong in discriminating against our organization by refusing us service.”

People on both sides of the issue have had varying remarks.

One man stated “I am against anti-discrimination laws. Freedom means people are able to do what they wish with their lives and property. Society can punish bad behaviors in a market, but the power to take away from someones life as if it did not belong to them is frightening.

Another person familiar with the case responded “This is not the same as denying service to someone based on the color of their skin or sexual preference. This was a choice by the owner of the bakery to not serve someone based on their bigoted lifestyle, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Many wonder that if she had simply lied about her reasoning, would this have even been an issue. That leaves the question to the public, do they want discrimination to happen out in the open where people can pinpoint it, or do they want it to operate a cloaked manner where it happens but it’s hard to tell who is doing it?

America, be careful what you wish for.

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Yeah like reba and foxrac said. That kind of entertainment

But its what Hoichi has been saying to drive his point when it comes to this topic.

femme Fatale

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True or bogus, give me a break! This racial nonsense has to stop. :roll:

I have ancestors with ties to the triple k, but I don't share their sentiments.


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See the irony here. Everyone understands why it would be an act of hateful discrimination to use government force to make a black baker bake a kkk cake ....


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See the irony here. Everyone understands why it would be an act of hateful discrimination to use government force to make a black baker bake a kkk cake ....
I don't think GA court will going to be easier with KKK.

Kai Onca

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See the irony here. Everyone understands why it would be an act of hateful discrimination to use government force to make a black baker bake a kkk cake ....

Sorry but :giggle: it's funny

No.......the real irony is they're being being discriminated against for being such a hateful discriminating bunch.


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I take it you never own a dog before. DOG WOULD smell first before eat, so that dog won't eat if kkk cake is poisonous.
I take it you ever you never owned a dog before , there has been cases right in my city of some ass- leaving food tainted with poison out for dogs to eat and some poor dogs dies . I had Finlay then and was very worried about him find the food. The polices and ACO warned people to be careful walking their dogs. A show dog just die this way ! :( Dogs will wolf down food before smelling it.