Being Deaf in Holographic Universe


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I am trying to use the Holographic Universe theory to convince Hearies that we are all connected and equal and interdependent. So I wrote about it in more detail if you are interested. But the key point in my opinion is that if we can convince the medical people to accept a more metaphysical perspective and be less greedy for profits, maybe we can be accepted for who we are instead of judged as needing to be fixed. The basic idea of holographic universe is that the whole is in the part. So we are complete as we are.


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Not sure if the juxtapose of "metaphysical perspective" with "holographic universe theory"
is valid?
On the face of it-entirely different "ideas".

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I didnt know that you are learning ASL. I can image that you have been frustrating with hearing people how they treat you this way. Or Did I misread your blog? I ll read more of your blogs to understand better where you are coming from. SUch as, holograpic universe i ll let you know when i read it later. I need to get back to work after my break is over.


First, let me say that this was one of your better blog posts. It was coherent and thought out. Many of the previous ones were more of a rambling rant than worthwhile read.

Second, not all religions "save". The people at Deaf Pagan Network wouldn't view themselves as needing "saving". And even those who subscribe to religions who believe in "saving" fight amongst themselves regarding whether those of other similar denominations are truly "saved" or not due to doctrinal differences.


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As I understand- religious matters (theology) here- are not to be discussed.
Being "saved"would seem to be a theological matter. re: "purpose of human life".


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Found a book in the public library "The Holotropic Mind" Stanislav Grof MD, HarperOne
NewYork 1993. library #150.198 240 pages

What I noticed there is no reference: Deafness/Hearing

Also "seems our thinking" is "formed" in our mother's uterus. Aside: first time have ever heard of such a hypothesis.

He seems to "own" an entity titled "Holotropic Breathwork" TM

Part 2 is "The Perinatal Matrices-influences that shape human Consciousness from Prenatal life through Birth.
Part 3 Transpersonal paradigm

If interested check your public library
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