Beep beep


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Beep Beep Beep, two days of beeping. Die or be quite. I strongly dislike when my hearing aids are dying. I like to wait until the batteries are totally dead before I change them so I have to live with 2-4 days of beeping. Any one else have long lasting dying batteries? I have oticons.


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I used to have digital aids. I hated them...and the beep. Everything sound muffled. I had to crank them up all the way to know if they were on or off most of the time. I went back to analog aids (Resound Viking). The sound is much clearer. When they die, I get a white noise whooshing sound that last very briefly and then its dead. Much me anyway.


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You may be able to have the beeps turned off. I too like to wait till they die before replacing them, but hate the constant reminders.
Speaking of the batteries dying, the one on my now implanted ear died the day before my surgery. No way I was putting a new one in that one since I'm unlikely going to wear it again. ;)


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I managed to get all my beeps turned off. Not easy to do but there is a way round the software to turn off ALL the beeps including the battery dying beeps.


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Same here... I stretch out the batteries as long as I can. Had the 3 beep warning, but made the audiologist turn it off after it drove me batty.

So now if I suddenly "go deaf", battery is dead lol. Sometimes I can get more out of it if I 'rest' the hearing aid /battery


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i know how you feel. beeping is so annoying. i JUST WANNA GO BACK TO ANALOGS. they were 10 times better in sounds and features. the ONLY thing i liked about diital is they used whole lot less power so batteries lasted longer and they are a little bit more water resistance then older ones


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Wondering if the Road Runner is running from you guys?...LOL...Anyway, the beeping must be annoying!...(I don't know as I've never worn or had hearing aids). ...if you're conversing with a hearing person and your hearing aid go Beep, Beep...can the hearing person hear that also?...They might "think" you're a Terrorist and have a bomb on you...LOL


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I would not think a hearing person would hear it as it's beeping into your ear, and it's not super loud.

However, it does cut out external sound when the beeping is going on, so if I'm listening to talk or music I can't hear what I'm trying to listen to. Super annoying.