Banned indicator?


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On the old forum software, we could always tell if a member was banned or not. On the new forum software we aren't able to tell if a member is banned other than trying to go view their profile. That doesn't work for when a member hides their profile or has people on ignore.

So...could we have that little function back please?

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I found sort of an indirect way to find out if a member is active or not. To do so, go to Forums -> Search Forums and enter the first several characters of the member's username. If the person is active then it will show up in the suggestion box like so in this attachment:


but if the user is no longer active you will not see the user in the suggestion box.


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That's how it's set up by default and I'd like to keep it that way for the time being.

But do you plan to change it ever? People wonder about someone not posting in a while: "what's going on? is that person missing? sick? banned? dead? what???"
So it's good to know if at least just banned or not.


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