BAH ALWAYS putting us gays and lesbains down


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Why Can't WE actually just have happiness RME at people they Still don't see us for who we are and our feelings are based on happiness, understanding and respect! :madfawk:

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than half of Americans favor a law barring gay marriage and are opposed to allowing civil unions that could provide gay couples with the same benefits as marriage, an Associated Press poll found.

The survey also indicated presidential candidates could lose the backing of some voters if they support gay marriage or civil unions.

The poll, conducted for the AP by ICR-International Communications Research of Media, Pa., found 52 percent favor a law banning gay marriages, while 41 percent oppose such a law.

About four in 10 - 41 percent - support allowing civil unions, roughly the same level found in an AP poll three years ago. But 53 percent now say they oppose civil unions, up from 46 percent in the earlier survey.

The increase came largely from people who previously were undecided, the poll suggested.

Close to half of those surveyed said they would be less likely to support a presidential candidate who backs civil unions (44 percent) or gay marriage (49 percent), while only around 10 percent said they would be more likely.

``I don't think it's a great idea; the whole idea of marriage is bringing up children,'' said Jim Martin, a 64-year-old engineer from Alexandria, Va. ``If somebody was promoting it, I would vote against them.''

The issue poses a challenge for the Democratic presidential candidates in the 2004 election. The six leading candidates say they oppose gay marriage but are sharply critical of efforts to legally ban it, either with a law or by amending the Constitution.

Four of the six - former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt, Florida Sen. Bob Graham and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry - say they support civil unions. North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman say they favor benefits for gay partners, but say states should decide on civil unions.

President Bush has said he supports efforts to legally ban gay marriage, but encourages tolerance of gays and lesbians.

In the AP poll, about one-third of people who identified themselves as Democrats and independents said they would be less likely to support a candidate who backs civil unions. Twice as many Republicans said they feel that way.

More than four in 10 Democrats support passing laws against gay marriage, according to the poll. Two-thirds of Republicans support passing such laws.

The issue of gay rights has gotten increased attention since June, when the Supreme Court threw out a Texas law prohibiting gay sex, saying such a ban violates constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights. The decision mobilized both gay rights advocates and conservatives, who said it could lead to legalization of gay marriage.

Conservative leaders rallied supporters to oppose legal gay marriage. In late July, the Vatican urged Catholics and non-Catholics to unite in campaigning against gay marriages and gay adoptions.

The poll found 54 percent favor a constitutional amendment barring gay marriage and specifying that marriage only be between a man and a woman, while 42 percent oppose it.

``The public clearly draws the line at gay marriage,'' said Karlyn Bowman, a public opinion analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank in Washington. She said it's less clear if civil unions will be a significant issue by the election in November 2004.

``There's often a bit of rethinking on an issue after a big development like a Supreme Court decision,'' she said.

At least some of those surveyed who back gay marriage say the issue could determine how they vote in 2004.

``It might make a significant difference in whether I would support a candidate,'' said Jody Moore, a graduate student living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, who favors gay marriage. ``It's a question of dignity.''

The AP poll also suggested public attitudes vary by age. Support for civil unions and opposition to laws against gay marriage were significantly higher among young adults and dipped progressively among older age groups. Men were more likely than women to oppose gay marriage and support laws against it.

Residents of more rural areas were significantly more likely to favor laws against civil unions and gay marriage.

The poll of 1,028 adults conducted from Aug. 8-12 and has an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


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I know this sounds like a current event SO MODS please leave this IN here as this is discussing abt gays and lesbain thanks :)


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They did the survey based on what group? I'll bet it was done in a limited way, and made it look national wide and everyone participated.


Gotta be careful with those damn things! LOL


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I've got nothing against gays/lesbians... but I think that the marriage thing isn't a problem. You don't have to be married to be together. If you complain and make it your problem, then it will show the others that it's bothering you and that will lead them to pushing it more. If you just keep quiet and move on with your life by staying with your significant other, you're liable to show others that it doesn't bother you.

Think of it this way... a bully or older kid yells at you like you're a loser. If you whine to your parents about him, he'll know that it bothers you and start feeling superior himself. If you just keep quiet and move on with other things without showing that it bothers you, he'll very likely soon realize that he's not getting to you and eventually give up and move on to other inferior victims.


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The poll of 1,028 adults conducted from Aug. 8-12 and has an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.
That tell us a lot of things.

1,028 adults isn't just enough in my opinion.


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I agreed...looks like it was somewhat rigged to make it look like it was a nationwide poll survey -- it certainly sucks when such things happen that way...I just don't see what the problem is about allowing gays and lesbians marry in a civil union. There's nothing wrong with committing to one another in that manner.
I would reckon USA is still a bit old fashioned and prejudiced these days. *smh*


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"the whole idea of marriage is bringing up children,'' said Jim Martin"

whats this? we're back in the 19th century now?


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i knew someone would catch that! bush u of all people saw that, i saw it and i was like whoa damn! and waited for the comments from the others we shouldn't have be married to have kids which is blanat BS!


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No, No, no, No

Marriage is not just abt love, it is also abt legal rights such as next of kin, inheritance, pensions, superannuation and so on..all the bloody rights that heterosecxuals take for granted.

As for marriage being for the purpose of raising kids, what utter bullshit. There are couples who marry and don't wnat kids. There are couples who marry and you wonder why they have kids.

And also if you stay silent while abully bullies you, there is just as much chance that they will continue to bully you becasue they know u ain't gonna blab on them.

People against gays getting married are against it for some spurious reason such as religion or idelogy such as its for a man and a woman la, la, blah la...... some prejudicial tosh like that.


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exactly my thought deafbrutha! I for one would go for that with my grrl if i ever have one, and i would make sure we re covered in every area, and parents ( living spouses or relatives) will make sure that my partner has full benfital rights, So if i make a will and its bequested to my lover then so be it they can not and will not be allowed to contest it as my last wish and last rites!


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I remember when they proposed a bill in cali to forbid gay marriages - they said that it hurts the sanctions of marriage - hello?? straight people cheat on each other, affairs, divorce rate so high, have bastard children, wife beaters, children beaters and sometimes molestors......... straight people I think are the one degrading the sanctions of marriage