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    Today in uk the badger cull started,it proved not to work and all the scientist say this rediculus way to go about bovine tb..2000 with killed needlessly on trial cull few weeks back and only two had tb...
    The best way to go about it is to vacinate the badger or channel them off relocate to an area with no cattle..
    Today on tv one poor little man was demonstrating he was doing no harm just placade stating it wrong.Three or four armed cops pulled him to the ground using appauling violence on this man Where did freedom of speech go
    Other countries do not cull like this and it not 100% known if badger is the cause as most wild mammels carry TB....
    We got little wildlife and what we got need cherishing,Britain tells rest of the world how to look after their wildlife and we slaughtering our own.oVER 90% OF UK is against this mass slaughter,we written begged and proved how wrong it is but goverment not listening to experts or public.
    Today uk should hang its head with shame
    Today this country should hang its head in shame

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